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4 Signs that you’re Fit to be a Successful Forex Trader

More than 90% of forex traders drop out after a year or two, and there are a number of reasons why. The question for those who want to move into forex trading is: is it right for you? The next question is: how do you know if you’re cut out to be a forex trader? Here are four signs you’re fit to be a successful forex trader.

You Can Make a Plan and Stick with It

A good sign you’re already qualified to become a successful forex broker is if you have been able to make a plan and stick with it to completion. For example, you set financial goals, whether saving X amount of money per month while diligently paying down debt or working an extra shift each week as you saved toward a planned purchase. Another example would be someone who set an exercise plan and dietary changes and then stuck with it for months until they reached a goal. You’re going to succeed in Forex trading if you find a system that works and then stay with the rules.

You’re Patient

If you’re able to work diligently toward a long-term goal or patient in everyday life, you’re probably going to make a good forex trader. Those who get bored easily make so many mistakes. They may watch the market as if it were a video game and then start doing something just to feel like they’re doing something, even though they are meaningless trades that only wrack up trading fees. Or they fail to see the big picture, devaluing the slow and steady earnings that lead to major returns capable of funding their lifestyle. Instead, they get bored with the modest, steady gains and start looking for exciting, potential big wins. Then they lose everything and have to quit.

You Know When You Need to Step Away

It is essential to possess an understanding of your emotional and mental state at any given time and knowing when to back off. When you’re very emotional or upset, you’re equally prone to mistakes. Buying based on an excited hope or thrill means you take unrealistic risks. If you’re staying up all night to trade, you’ll make a stupid mistake and lose everything. If you’re confused or frustrated, walk away until your head is clear. Success requires knowing when to step away, whether or not you leave things on automatic, so you don’t lose it all.

You’re Willing to Do Your Research

You have to be willing to do your research to find forex trading strategies and products that work for you. The same level of research needs to be done regarding forex trading platforms and software since some sites are scams and others push extra services you don’t need. That software promised to aid you may recommend products you don’t need or trades the platform wants you to engage in regardless of the risk, or it may simply be hard to use.

If you’re able and willing to do research in other areas, then you’ll profit from applying those skills to forex trading.


All these traits are essential for Forex traders to succeed. The good news is that you can always integrate them with the proper determination.

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