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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Workspace

One of the main factors successful companies are always looking to boost is their employees’ performance. A hard working employee can optimize the company’s profits so of course they look for ways they can make their staff happy. One of the most significant aspects that play a role in an employee’s satisfaction is their working conditions so read on for some simple improvements you can make to your workplace to make employee performance more effective.


Many studies have proven that natural light has an effect on a person’s mood and emotions. A dark and dreary office that relies too much on artificial lighting will affect an employee’s temperament as soon as they walk in the door. Make sure you utilize the simple advantages of windows in your office and have blinds incased the glare gets too much. Also when it comes to artificial lighting, remember to use energy-saving bulbs that don’t have too harsh of a light.


Perhaps one of the hardest problems for companies is to get the right temperature for their workspace. We’ve all gone through the feeling of having numb hands and jittery teeth because the temperature is far too cold and on the other spectrum, constantly pulling at your collar due to the stuffiness. A collection of studies have suggested that 21.4 degrees Celsius would be the optimal temperature to work with. Give this a shot and let your employees off the hook!


All employees have to bring in personal belongings or items they don’t want to be lugging around the entire day just because they’re scared to lose them. This is where having a locker can come in useful and give them peace of mind. It also allows for less clutter around the desk so all in all, while it might be a simple upgrade, it’s necessary for having a functional working space. So hire a staff locker specialist at your earliest and get this set up!


Similarly to temperature, studies have found that colors too can affect a person’s mood. There should be a good variety and balance of colors in the workspace. While some may think having a sterile, white space might be effective, having a few pops of color (maybe through artwork) makes the place far more welcome to work in. It also helps to avoid washing the walls in certain aggressive colors (like red, for example) but instead use them for accent pieces.


Include some potted plants in the workplace to add some variety or visual interest. Finding new and innovative methods to include naturalistic elements is an up and coming trend for companies to take advantage of. This is mainly because not only is it visually appealing and adds some much needed contrast to the workplace, but it also provides some much needed fresh air. Make sure they’re well maintained however because nothing is more de-motivating than walking past some wilted plants every morning.

These are the simplest ways you can improve your workspace. Believe us; it comes down to the most minute of details to make a significant difference in your employee’s mood.

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