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A look back to before technology changed us

The internet has happened upon us really quickly and it has had a massive effect on how we live. The changes have been so significant that it is actually quite hard to even remember what life was life in the pre digital era. We are talking as recently as the 1980’s that the notion of digital life and the internet were foreign concepts to most people. And while we can all still remember staples of the 80’s, like Madonna and Cindy Lauper and Top Gun and such like, remembering how we survived in the days before internet is much harder. Here are a few reminders of how things have changed.

Banks are almost obsolete

When last did you actually go into a bank? In the 1980’s you went there to make deposits and withdrawals and to pay people. Almost all transactions took place there and the queues were generally long and interminable. Not so anymore where it is all done on line. Now you can access fast cash online loans, apply for a loan or make electronic payments to anywhere in the world, and you don’t even need to get up off the couch. Go to

It’s hard to get lost

Satellite technology coupled with Google and most ordinary mobile phones mean that old-school map books are scarcely seen or used. The art of map reading is dying and instead you are able to download any one of hundreds of voice packs so that you can be directed through the traffic by a character of your choice. Be it the generic female voice or that of Homer Simpson or Yoda, getting lost these days takes some effort or a considerable amount of incompetence.

Shoot at will

It wasn’t long ago that photography was an expensive business that required film and development and photo albums. Capturing the unique moment was an art form and only really skilled artists could make it as photographers. But the advent of digital photography has meant that you can now shoot at will. Where in the past cost and practicality meant that you were limited to the number of pictures that you could shoot, with digital there are no such issues. And touching up and adding filters are also an option for the ordinary person. Instagram can make even the most average hack with a cell phone camera look like a genius.


Remember the old cassette tape or the record? Or how about the compact disc? How quickly they came and went. From old school analogue through to digital recordings and storage and on to cloud based music on places like Alexa and Google. The need for shelves of vinyl and record or CD players is no more. Now you can just fire up your computer or ask you Alexa for a selection of tracks and the magic happens all by itself. Videos and DVDs have followed the same route, made obsolete by the likes of satellite television and Netflix. Not long ago it wasn’t hard to find a video store where you could rent a movie but not so any more, they are closing down at a rate of knots as technology advances on an almost daily basis.



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