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How to Arrange Your Cubicle for Better Performance

If you have a messy desk or cubicle, then you are certainly not alone. The demands of a busy schedule often cause paperwork and other items to simply pile up on your table. As you are frequently in a hurry or preoccupied, you probably fail to clean up the mess. This can lead to an avalanche of documents, files, and other materials, causing them to end up on the floor.

As you are probably occupying just one of many office workstations, you may not have a lot of space. Due to this, the first thing that you need to do is to prevent this stack from every occurring. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

Know Your Habits

You are the best person to decipher your daily doings. What do you do most often during the course of your day? Is it working on your computer, talking on the phone, or even drawing? Depending on your answer, you now know what spaces to keep clear. This is so that you can do your job without having clutter in the way. Now that you are aware of which areas to keep clean, you can decide what to do with the remaining space. It will also help to determine the root cause of your mess. Once you know the biggest source of your untidiness, you can do something about it.



You need to find places where you can quickly store various documents or files. Dedicate a portion of your cubicle to this. You can opt to set up a storage unit underneath your desk or even set up a rack on your table. Either way, you are going to need to have something to hold all of your important items. The next step is to separate them by category. You can choose to have in alphabetical order or differentiate them by client. The choice is entirely up to you. An important point to remember is to make this as easy as possible. You should not have to waste time when filing these documents away. You are merely trying to prevent clutter.

Keep it Close

Remember the point regarding being aware of your own schedule? It comes in handy in other ways as well. For instance, are you wasting any time throughout the day? It could be because you make frequent trips to the kitchen for snacks, for example. Try keeping a stock near where you work. This way you will avoid leaving your desk several times a day. Are you constantly looking for supplies? Keep them in a particular drawer so that you know exactly where to look. Train yourself to put back the supplies where you found them. All of these hints shave time off of your busy schedule.

Choose the last day of the month or even come in on one day during the weekend. Either way, take the time to conduct a massive cleanup of your desk. Once you have organized everything, you will not have to endure that task again.

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