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Coworking Caveats – What To Be Mindful Of When Sharing A Workspace

Coworking spaces that are too noisy, coworking spaces that are untidy, and coworking spaces that are occupied by people with serious boundary issues can be very difficult to work in, and for good reason. The coworking space has to be one of the most comfortable working formats. With workstations that place professionals close to each other, the coworking space can create the illusion that the office is your living room.

This cosiness in many ways contributes to a work environment that is counterintuitive to work. Most coworking spaces place professionals in close proximity to each other, and if not working at the hot desk, there are other opportunities for professionals to engage with each other. Take a look at Servcorp Australia’s site at to see how one coworking office primes the pump of social interaction in a cosy environment. Ultimately, this environment can also contribute to a lax professional attitude that infringes upon others’ workspace peace.

Continue reading to learn more about how to be more considerate of others in the coworking space.

Be Mindful Of The Noise Level

The great thing about coworking is that there are all types of opportunities to engage with the community. Whether working during business hours at any of the workstations or participating in social events, professionals can find themselves socially engaged to the point where small talk can turn into major conventions within the space. For those involved in the conversation, work is great.

However, for some lone soul working at one of the workstations, your convivial conversation could directly impact the work environment of this person and possibly others in the area. The point is it is very easy to engage in conversations, especially in a space that encourages this type of interaction. Even so, be mindful of others who work in the area by either limiting conversations to a few minutes or moving conversations to designated areas.

Keep The Space Clean

Keeping the workspace clean is a given in shared space, but sometimes we are not aware of the small things that can detract from the overall space. For example, avoiding eating or drinking food that easily spills or can cause grease stains on paperwork is one way to be mindful of the workspace. If possible, make sure shared kitchen space is kept clean by washing dishes and cleaning up eating areas. Untidiness caused by food odours or spills is one of the biggest detractors and aggravations of coworking.

Share Space

The point of sharing space is to take advantage of workspace at a significantly reduced cost. However, sometimes the space that should be shared is occupied by those who are not mindful that others in the space might want or need to use the space. If you have reserved space for a certain time, then make sure to limit the use of the space to the time you have reserved it for, as conference and meeting room space is valuable to everyone.

Common Courtesies

In addition to the common faux pas, there are a number of small courtesies to keep in mind when working in the space. Avoid sitting on the tables or resting your feet on the tables because it is still a working environment. Furthermore, move cell phone conversations to a place outside of the workspace to avoid interrupting the work environment. Finally, leave the space in the condition you found it, which means picking up all loose papers, pens, and other trash that might be lying around.

Making Consideration A Priority

Working in a shared space relies on the cooperation of everyone. While the group works as a collective, this cooperation can only happen on the individual level. Ultimately, you have the potential to work in one of the best work atmospheres possible simply because you are a part of creating the foundation of work through etiquette.

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