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Designing An Unforgettable Exhibition Show Stand

Exhibitions are an absolute essential for many businesses. They’re your big opportunity to get your brand out there, network with other significant names and contacts in the industry, and hopefully make some serious sales. Because creating an exhibition display inevitably involves some level of investment, it’s essential that your stand and overall display strategy deliver a clear message and create the impact you’re aiming for. Use these tips to ensure that your show stand will be impossible to pass by.

  1. Create a strong visual brand identity. This process will likely go on behind the scenes long before you hit the exhibition event, but it’s important that the visual identity you’ve created for your brand is clearly displayed through your show stand. This means using a branded roll up banner sydney and other signage features that clearly show off your colour scheme, brand name, slogan, and any other important features of your brand identity that you want to get across to your new customers, clients, and associates.
  2. Aim high. We mean this one literally, believe it or not. A tall, towering display structure will automatically draw the attention of passing visitors, so aim to use plenty of vertical space if that’s an option. Check with the venue to find out how much height each stand is allowed, and try to use that height wisely so you can really set your stand apart from the rest. If it’s possible, you can also incorporate structures that hang from the ceiling of the venue or from the stand itself.
  3. Keep it consistent. All of the branding featured on your stand display should be consistent, whether it’s a catalogue, a banner, or merchandise you’re handing out as freebies to your visitors. Make sure every product and element of the display has a consistent brand identity spread across the stand without any confusing features that look out of place. A consistent brand is a memorable and strong brand.
  4. Use strong visual elements. As humans, we love visuals, so make sure you’re incorporating a powerful visual impact into your display. This doesn’t mean that the stand should look cluttered with images, colours, and a variety of fonts, however. Use bold colours and large lettering to get your point across visually without creating a sense of confusion in the customer. This is a great time to come up with a colour theme for your brand if you haven’t already, and really put it into action.
  5. Be careful with technology. Technology can add an interesting new dimension to your stand, and it’s particularly important if your brand or product is tech-focused. It’s crucial that any technology you utilise in your exhibition display is fully up-to-date, running perfectly, and at a minimal risk of letting you down on the day. You may want to have a business expert on site ready to tackle any technical problems if they occur, or your entire stand could fall flat.
  6. Know the rules. Every exhibition show and venue comes with its own set of unique rules and guidelines that every vendor must follow. If you go against these rules, you run the risk of being relocated in the venue or losing the chance to show your display altogether. Know the rules first and then follow them carefully.
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