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Different Types Of Trucks In The Market

The pick up truck is not what it used to be, and over the years it has evolved to become extremely luxurious to be able to compete neck to neck against some of the most expensive cars in the market today. From the time the pick up truck was invented, it has had specifications which usually come equipped with cabs that are of regular sizes, and have cargo beds of up to 6 feet in length. But a revolution has come into play where trucks are now being released with the introduction of cabs that have four doors and more room for travellers and cargo alike, which has changed the pick up truck market forever.

Cab Styles

Pick up trucks and cabs have been around for quite some time now, and the four-door passenger cabs date back to the 1950s when they was first introduced. It was only in 1960s when Volkswagen brought into the market the forward single cabs which are commonly known as the dual cab pickups as well. Over the years the trucks have extended to provide more space for passengers and storage wherein more space was allocated for cargo and jump seats to be features behind the bend seat. Now, the pick up trucks can accommodate up to 6 people with the inclusion of more space for cargo at the back.

Luxury Trucks

Pick up trucks, cabs and utes have grown extremely popular for their versatility. They have the ability to act as a utility vehicle while doubling as a luxury mode of transportation for passengers as well. The luxury aspect of trucks has become the forefront of wanting to customize and revamp trucks to make them sturdy and look good all at the same time. Although the luxury aspect of the truck is sort after, the practical aspect of the vehicle being first and foremost a duty vehicle requires many accessories such Chevrolet canopies, a hiluxute liner, and even for bed extenders to provide a wholesome package of being luxurious and sturdy for duty.

Compact Trucks

As the name suggests, the compact truck is much smaller than the usual sized trucks. These trucks do not have much space for passengers, and storage space behind the bend seats, but only the back beds to transport cargo. These trucks have a wheelbase of around 111 inches, and ranges to a length of 190 inches. The compact trucks are not as popular as the extended trucks since they cannot accommodate more, but also have a lower gas mileage.

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Coupe Utility

These types of vehicles have the base of a passenger car as opposed to a truck platform. It comes with the luxuries that are available in cars, but they are also equipped with a bed, and also have the ability to be able to tow with the capacity of a truck. These types of vehicles were immensely popular from the 1950s to 1980s, but they have ever since become less popular over the years.

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