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Equipment You Need to Start Your Own Bakery

Are you planning to start your own business? A bakery is a good idea. Especially, if you are a fan of cooking or baking, starting your own bakery can be your first step. But before opening one, you need some equipment that is essential to run a bakery. Here are some of the items to purchase before the opening.


You cannot have a bakery without ovens. The first decision you have to make about buying an oven is whether you’re going to select an electric oven or a gas oven. This is the most important and, most of the times, the most expensive item on your bakery equipment list. So before buying one – gas or electric – first visit the supply stores and get the advice from someone in the shop. If you don’t know much about appliances it is better to let someone who knows about the good brands and how to check the quality, to tag along.


The next things to concentrate on are the bakeware. This include cake pans, muffin tins, pie pans, cooling racks, Dutch ovens, cake fillers etc. Even in selecting these items you will have to decide the material you want to choose – aluminum or glass. For cake and muffin pans you might have to buy pans of more than one size. Find out about the pros and cons of using aluminum and find the same about glass equipment. You might also need proof boxes to make the food rise to the correct size.

Beverage Making Equipment

Your bakery doesn’t need to just sell snacks only but also can have a drink or a two for your customers. For this, you will need a blender, coffee makers etc. Many stores such as Coffee MIO’s professional coffee equipment have a collection of good beverage making equipment. You will also have to look for the necessary equipment for juice making and smoothie making.


You need to keep the necessary utensils you need by your side always. Purchase enough as utensils in a food outlet is always needed while and cooking and serving. Spoons, forks, knives, pastry brushes, cake cutters/ cookie cutters, turners and spatulas, whisks etc. are some of the items you need to buy. You will also need plates and mugs/ cups/ glasses to serve the food and drink. Especially the items that you will get for the customers, try to get in designs that match with the decor of the place.


The comfort of your customers matters above anything else. You need to select the furniture based on their durability and their ability to match the theme of the place. Along with furniture also make sure there are also enough sinks and a restroom. Add a bit of décor to the place with a wall hanging or a painting. Choose vibrant colours for your walls. Also, if you want to have a bit if an area outside for the customers, you need to get tables with an umbrella.

So now you know the necessary items you will need to start you own little bakery. Remember however; check the prices and their quality before you use them. Be patient and don’t rush. Good luck!

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