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Four things you should ask your architect to think about

When doing alterations or redesigns to a house, so often the tendency is to brief the architect or interior designer on the major things that you want done – the wall you want knocked down or the new bathroom that you want. But we tend to focus on the little touches, often working on eth assumption that, because they are the expert, they will include all that needs to be there. But that is often not the case and in many instances they will simply give what you asked for without offering any further suggestions or solutions. So here’s our list of things to mention…

Go wild with quality tiles

Tiles and carpets have a lot in common, they can be frightfully dull and boring or they can really make a statement. And every house should look to make a statement somewhere using tiles. A friend of mine recently moved to Australia from England and wanted to make a few changes to her house. She knew what she wanted but she wasn’t sure where to find them. But a quick search for encaustic tiles Sydney led to an answer that helped change the way her entrance hall looked so fantastically, it was like she had time travelled from the 1960’s all the way into the future.

Creature Comfort

Don’t ever under estimate the joy of under-floor heating. Obviously this isn’t something that applies to wooden floors, but if you are looking to make changes to your bathroom or kitchen you should seriously look into this as an option. There is nothing quite as fantastic as climbing out the bath or shower on a cold winter’s night only to discover that the floor is warm under your feet.

Towel Rails

In a similar vein to the above, heated towel rails are fantastic creature comforts that are easy to include in an upgrade and which really don’t cost much. The premise is simple, the hot water is plumbed through the towel rail which heats it up, and in turn the towel gets nice and warm, ready for you when you jump out the bath.

Find ways to go off grid

There is no need to be too drastic here – we are not talking end of days stuff. But there are so many sneaky ways you can cut down on environmental impact if you just plan smartly. Grey water is a very simple starting point that is easy to install and which can cut your water bill in half. In short, all the water from your shower, your dishwasher and your washing machine is collected and pumped onto your garden. It means there is no longer a need to waste valuable drinking water on your grass or your roses. It’s a very simple job to install and the benefits will be felt for years to come – especially in the time of drought or in the punishingly hot summer months when water bills have the tendency to climb alarmingly.

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