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Four Things to Consider Before Buying a House by the Beach

Owning a beach house and actually living in such an area is just about everyone’s dream. Being able to go to sleep with the sound of the waves crashing nearby and waking up to the seagulls making a racket. Stepping out onto the cool morning sand at sunrise and even taking a dip in the big blue ocean is all a huge dream. This can be a reality for a few and such an opportunity should not be missed. But when it comes to buying a property on such a location you have to make sure that certain things are ticked off from the to check list. It can be a lot of money to buy something like this and you do not want to put your good money to waste.

Hire a Professional to Check the House

Every home should be checked thoroughly by the professionals, this is a given but more so for a coastal property. Aldinga building inspections are great at what they do and will be able to see if there are any wear and tear that is natural. They will also look for signs of flooding and if it has occurred more than once. Water can cause great issues as they will bring on mould and rot to the foundations, wood and even cause havoc for the electricity. Most times if a house has been flooded it is not recommended to be bought as the cost will be too much to pay.

Hire the Land Surveyor

The level of ocean tides have to be noted. If that area has constant high tides then it is not a good place for you to put your money into. With the increase in unpredictable weather conditions and natural disasters you might want to avoid a high risk area. Looking for green trees and grass around your area is another way to ensure that your to be home is in a good location. As the greenery denotes good drainage.

Hire a Realtor to Help You Out

Employing the services of a real estate agent is a good idea. You want to look for someone who knows the area and the neighbourhood well and good. They will be able to tell you about who lives around, what sort of business take place and if the area is good for a year round home or if it’s more of a holiday home kind of location. If there has been any storms and if so what sort of damage and how often such things happen. Ask them about the emergency needs like medical centres and police departments. These are all very important things to consider.

Know the Neighbours and Lifestyle

You will also want to know if the neighbouring houses are occupied and if people live there year round. Get details of if this place is always busy or if it has seasons. If you are planning on living there all year round you want to make sure that you will be able raise your family safely. You should have access to schools and malls and other grocery stores without having to travel too far out.

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