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How to Hire a Lawyer for Your Small Business in Melbourne?

Operating a business is not just about the logistics, productivity, and other business-related matters. There will be a world of legal complications to navigate through as well. In Australia, there are multiple legal waters a company, even a small one, must wade through to remain legitimate. There will be laws regulating your business in general, in addition to labour, rights, tax and other laws the business should follow. It’s not possible to do all this without a solicitor. It’s highly recommended to hire a solicitor or a law firm to represent your company on the long term. You will simple get better representation than when relying on a roster of rotating attorneys. Here is a list of tips to keep in mind when hiring a business attorney in Melbourne:

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Hire Reputable and Experienced Attorneys

Don’t be thrifty when hiring a lawyer for your business. Choose a highly experienced attorneys who specialise in offering services to companies. The attorney or firm you hire must have recognition from the legal community in Victoria. For example, Pearce Webster Dugdales Lawyers are recognised by the prestigious Law Institute of Victoria for expertise and experience. You can search online and ask for recommendations for reputable attorneys to work with. Spend some time doing this initial research to make sure you end up with the right firm.

Pay Attention to Communication

When you are working with any attorney on the long term, naturally, you would want a person or a firm that is understanding of your needs and is great to communicate with. Legal matters can be very complicated and you won’t understand the legalese involved without a law degree. Therefore, your solicitor should be able to explain complex legal issues in plain English. Don’t choose attorneys who throw around big legalese words. If they can’t explain it to you in simple English, they may not really know what they are talking about in the first place.

Fees Should be Transparent

Melbourne is not without shady attorneys who sneak in additional charges to legal bills. Obviously, you would want to work with attorneys who are open and transparent about what they are charging. When interviewing a potential lawyer, make sure you discuss fees at length. The attorneys should be forthcoming with what they charge. If discussing fees become problematic, move on to the next choice on your list.

Start with a Small Job

You may not want to sign a contract for a fat retainer with an attorney you have just met. It’s best to work with the attorney on a small job at first. If you are satisfied with the services provided, then you can consider hiring the solicitor on a retainer contract. Never hire attorneys who pressure you to sign long term contracts from the get go.

You should also understand your company’s legal needs. What exactly does your business need an attorney for? Naturally, a solicitor should help your company comply with regulations and other legal requirements. You may also want an attorney to draft contracts for employees, business clients, and other groups. Are there additional requirements as well, such as managing investments? Think carefully of your legal needs before hiring the attorney.

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