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How to Keep Your Hotel Safe from Wild Animals and Birds?

Yes you need to have lots and lots of visitors coming to your hotel throughout the year! But when we talk about visitors we all only mean humans. But wild animals and birds are also quite often attracted to hotels tempted and lured by mainly the food! The tips that are detailed in the article below will help you keep your hotel safe from wild animals and birds so that it will be an incredibly enchanting place, just for humans!

Install Fences

If your hotel borders a forest, you will have to build very strong and tall fences so that wild animals will not enter the territories. Of course people sometimes like the idea of being perfectly at one with nature! But wild animals are wild animals. They can cause harm to the property and often even injure or cause death to people. Therefore you really must keep them out. This will keep your guests and staff safe and the animals safe too. You need to get in touch with reputed companies that can install strong fences in order to get the maximum benefit out of your investment. Periodically check the perimeter to see if there are gaps in the fence that will attract wild animals too.

Keep Your Restaurant Safe from Birds

While strong fences will keep wild animals at bay, birds of the skies will not be daunted by them! You need to devise clever strategies to keep them from bothering the guests of your hotel. The birds that live closer to humans are not quite afraid of humans too. These birds will often venture very close to humans attempting to snatch a bite. Your restaurant especially will attract these birds in their numbers. So you have to install strong bird netting in order to keep them out. Make sure these nets are well repaired when they tear too.

Keep the Area Clean

You have to ensure that the hotel always cleaned well. Pungent smells can attract wild animals so make sure you dispose your garbage in a responsible manner. You really shouldn’t leave your garbage bins outside the boundary wall as that will attract wild animals. Make sure the garbage is collected once a day so that you will be able to carry on the work of the hotel with ease. A hotel can accumulate a lot of garbage in a day so you have to have a good way of getting rid of it all. The food scrap of your restaurant can be made into compost if you like. Use the compost to fertilize the plants and trees of your hotel.

Light It Up

When night falls many nocturnal animals start prowling. If your hotel is dimly lighted they will naturally wander in looking for tasty treats. So make sure you have strong lights in the gardens. Your guests will be able to enjoy the hotel more if it is lighted up well too and they will also feel safe and secure in it as they rest.

Do ensure that proper steps are taken to enhance the safety of your hotel because that will help you offer great service to your guests.

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