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Key Factors that You Must Possess in Order to Become a Professional Interior Decorator

If you have always loved decorating and designing and have a natural knack for arranging furnishings and color coordinating spaces, then pursuing a career as an interior designer may be right up your alley. In order to become a designer, it is not mandatory to have an extensive education on it or a fancy degree in the field. What will greatly help you in your journey is having the passion for the job and a good eye and skill to decorate. However, if you want to be reputed and have a long lasting career and keep climbing the ladder, it is important to take some specialized courses in order to obtain necessary licensing to practice. Given below are lists of factors that will help you evaluate your skills and get started in your career.

Evaluate Your Skills

If you get regularly complimented for your decorating skills and people often tend to get your advice on various designing aspects. This is a good sign that you have a natural talent to become an interior decorator. However, when it comes to working for others as a professional, you will be subjected to work with a variety of different styles and tastes. As a result, you will have to show extensive knowledge in areas of design such space planning, fabrics and working with different types of furnishings and people. You can make a list of areas that you find challenging and work on improving them gradually. For example; aluminum windows Perth may need different types of drapes compared to the traditional wooden window.

Get Yourself Trained

Getting yourself a certification as an interior decorator can increase your credibility and help you gather more knowledge in the field. There are many colleges and universities that offer associate degrees and certification programs that will help you get accredited. Moreover, online programs and classes can also be very helpful in getting yourself organized and learning the fundamentals.

Practice by Volunteering in Decorating Spaces

Volunteering is a great way to get hands on experience in projects when you are just getting started. You can help your family and friends with various projects or even look at local organizations with similar volunteering projects related to interior decoration. You can even decorate spaces for events and special occasions which is a great way of getting experience.

Create Your Own Portfolio

When you take part in projects, make sure you take photographs of them once you complete them so that you can showcase these to potential clients. It’s best to have both hard and soft copies; soft copies can be uploaded on design blogs and sites to show off your work as well as network with others who have similar interests. In addition, it is a great opportunity to share ideas and information with each other on how to best progress in the career path of an interior decorator.

Finding a Job

Your next step would be to get some work experience in a reputed company on a professional level. This could be an assistant interior decorator or visual merchandiser.

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