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Making The Most Of Your Garden In Colder Months

It’s no use spending the summer working hard on creating a beautiful outdoor sanctuary in your garden and outdoor space only to abandon it once the colder season arrives. We know how tough it can be to drag your chilly self outside once the temperatures drop, but it’s still possible to enjoy your garden during the winter season. With the right preparation, you can still entertain outdoors, enjoy beautiful scenery, and relax in the most serene spot on your property regardless of the winter chill.

Prepare Your Patio

The key to a beautiful outdoor area that will serve you well all year round is a patio that’s well prepared to handle whatever the seasons throw at it. A covering for your patio will help protect the furnishings from rainfall and weather conditions that could damage them, as well as regular maintenance to the garden furniture to ensure that it holds up well. The winter season is the ideal time to apply treatments to your wood to prepare them for the sun to come. You can use outdoor patio heaters to protect you from the chill so that everyone can still come together and enjoy meals and family gatherings throughout the winter. Don’t forget winter-friendly décor like thick, cosy throws and twinkling fairy lights if you want your patio to be a relaxing and warming winter haven.

Adjust Your Gardening Routine

Because of the extra rainfall we can expect in this region during the winter months, it’s important to remember that weeds tend to grow at an extra-speedy pace during this time of the year. You may need to increase the amount of time you spend weeding if you want to keep your garden neat and tidy and your other plants protected. The softened soil from rainfall should make weeding by hand fairly easy, and many people find that getting out into the garden and hand weeding during quiet winter days is a great way to breathe in the fresh air and get in touch with nature instead of remaining cooped up indoors.

Protect Your Plants

If your area is expecting extra chilly temperatures this winter, it’s crucial to protect your plants and flowers from frost to avoid unnecessary damage. It would be a real shame to lose those plants you spent all spring and summer planting and caring for just because of a few weeks of lower temperatures. You can use layers of mulch or bark to surround any herbaceous perennials to prevent frostbite or excess moisture from rotting the roots and damaging the plants beyond repair.

Get The Kids Outside

If you have children at home, it’s important to encourage them to spend time outdoors even when the weather isn’t very inviting. If you have a spacious lawn, don’t let it sit neglected while the kids stare at the TV or their phones all winter long. Encourage them to spend time doing activities outdoors as long as the weather is mild enough and they have the right level of layered clothing on – there should be plenty of sunny, mild winter days that will be perfect for kicking a football around outside. Once they’ve had a chance to run around and get their muscles moving, they’ll definitely be warm enough to enjoy the garden.


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