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Must-Have Equipment for Your Catering Business

Starting on a new business in the catering sector? If yes, the below list of must-have equipment could help you with what you have to purchase to make your catering business a success.


Before you start cooking, you have to start preparing the ingredients first. This usually involves a lot of cutting, peeling, slicing and mixing. It is recommended that you purchase knives of the highest quality since this is the most used and most basic utensil that you would be using. If your vegetables and meat are not properly or beautifully cut, your dishes no matter how delicious they are, if not visually pleasing would not attract people to sample it. There are other fundamental utensils you would also need such as spatulas, colander, funnel, ladle, etc. There are also other culinary tools that could speed up some of the tasks for food preparation. There are electric peelers and choppers available but not really necessary especially if you could swiftly peel and chop using a knife.

Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are catering equipment that fall under the cookware category. Cookware is made from various materials and specific pots and pans perform specific purposes. If you are just starting, purchase pots and pans individually rather than buying a whole set because if you buy a set, chances are, there would be pots and pans that you would not be able to use. It is also recommended to buy separately to determine which material works best for your dishes. Having the right pots and pans saves you time while cooking and contributes to ensuring that the finished product is delicious. Cookware is also used in food preparation or for serving and could also be used to store food.

Tableware and Cutleries

As a caterer, you are also expected to provide the tableware and cutleries. As a caterer, you need to have more than one set of plates and silverware. Your client and customer should be able to choose from a selection of plates and bowls, glasses and cutleries depending on the theme of the event. Keep in mind that you also should be aware of various place settings to cater to foreign clients (i.e. the Asians who would require additional tableware such as condiment dishes, bamboo noodle strainers, etc.)

Cooking Fixtures

Of course, you would also be needing an oven and a stove. You could use what you have at home in the beginning but when you start having to cater to a lot of guests and for destination events, you should have a cooking fixture designated for your catering business. It is advisable to purchase a gas range and oven combination so you could bake and cook at the same time. Also opt for gas range with four or more burners so you could cook multiple dishes at once.

If cooking is your passion and you enjoy cooking for others, why not make a business out of it? If you are doing something you love for an income, you would not feel like you are working. Just make sure that the business side would not overcome your passion. Your passion for cooking should always be a priority.

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