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Relocating made easy

People move homes for so many reasons, moves that generally signify major life changes. Sometimes it is just a case of relocating to a bigger property as the family expands or in order to be closer to work, but sometimes these moves are far bigger – as in not just relocating within a suburb or a city, but relocating to another country, state or city. It is these types of major moves that require careful planning and thought in order to ensure that they don’t become logistical nightmares – or very expensive ones. Unless you are very young it’s not just a case of packing a suitcase and setting off, there are all sorts of things to consider; here are some tips to help you manage the transition.


Start by thinking big

Inevitably we accumulate possessions as we get older, some small and some big. The little things are easy to deal with in a move, but it is the big and expensive things that are tricky. Some people try to sell up everything before they go and then buy new on the other side, which can seem like a good idea, but it is important to do some analysis. Transporting a fridge, carrying a piano or moving car interstate can all require special skills, and the question that must be asked is, “Will it be cheaper buying something similar on the other side and is that even possible?” Without a doubt you could get a fridge, but things like pianos and vehicles are harder to replace, and if they come with sentimental value attached then replacement is even harder. The other thing to ask of course is if the items will even be required or relevant on the other side. For example if you live at the coast but are moving inland, are you going to take your boat with you? These are crucial things to think about.

Pack properly

Don’t just pack things randomly into boxes and expect to be able to find them all when you get to the other side. Label your boxes carefully for a start and prioritize things. The truth about moving is that when you reach your destination it can take months before all the boxes are unpacked. So know which boxes contain the essentials that you need on a daily basis and which ones don’t and make sure that the essentials are readily available.


Discard clutter

Moving is a great time to ask spring-clean and get rid of the things that you no longer need. Old books, trinkets or kitchen appliances that you have not used for a long time probably don’t need to be packed into boxes and carted across the country so that they can sit on a shelf in another city and not be used there either. It might sound obvious, but the amount of clutter that we have in our lives is extraordinary and a major move is a great time to either give away or to sell the stuff. It can actually generate a nice little amount of cash as well – so don’t hold back.

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