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Shipping Tips to Help Improve Your Shipping Processes

There are many different ways to get something across from point A to point B today, although the mode of transportation is generally dependent on the nature of the products being moved. Shipping is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular modes of transportation and involves a lot of processes that need consistent monitoring and evaluation. Companies that are new to it, will be understandably overwhelmed, although on a more positive note, as long as they are committed to learning and adapting accordingly, they will not have any issues.

The Right Supplies

If you do not invest in the right packing supplies, you run the risk of incurring losses through product damage. Some shipping firms offer free packing supplies, and other benefits, though the latter is often for long-term and loyal customers. These benefits and discounts are useful as they reduce costs significantly for companies, which obviously is something they aim for all the time. Based on what you are selling, you should identify and acquire the packing supplies accordingly. And always make sure you have plenty on-hand, so there is no last minute scramble for any of it.

Clear Labelling

New employees, for instance, may forget these small details which actually have a major impact on the end result. Imagine the chaos at the harbour when you are docking and unloading all the boxes, only to find out none of them have been labelled with what they actually contain. It is actually a major problem legally, as port authorities would not allow anything they cannot verify through their borders. It is their job, and no amount of persuading will help here. You should look into freight labels and have them as part of your packing supplies as well.

Efficient Returns

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, things can still go wrong. Products can still get damaged, and sometimes nobody will know about it until the client unpacks the goods. You need efficient returns to handle these situations. Send a return form with the order, so the client can easily fill it out if necessary. And make sure you respond to an email as soon as they let you know, so they, in turn, are assured of your assistance on the matter.


This should be your primary concern. Be aware of shipping laws and regulations in all the countries you plan on shipping to. If you are in violation of any of them, you will be dealt with accordingly, and this can either mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and other legal procedures which can vary depending on the nature of the offense. Why put yourself through this hassle for no reason? Plus, it would only delay shipment to your clients, who may/ may not be understanding about the situation. As an entity that is involved in shipping, people will expect you to be updated with the latest regulations, so make sure you keep tabs on the news and seek the counsel of a legal team as and when necessary.

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