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A Spectator’s Guide to the Australian Open

Yes, we are already thinking about the Australian Open which will happen next year in January. An ordinary person ought to think we should be anticipating Halloween or even Christmas. But if you are reading this article, you are likely to be a Tennis enthusiast so you get the gist. Here some considerations that you as a spectator simply cannot ignore in order to get the best experience out of the upcoming tournament.

First off, tickets…

An all-day Ground Pass will only set you back $40. While there will be no access to the three main arenas, you still should be able to glimpse some of your favourite players anyway. If you are especially keen, go straight for the 5-day ground pass if possible.

Getting into the court is obviously more costly, by hundreds of dollars in fact. On top of that, those prices will continue to escalate as the tournament intensifies. All of those semi-finals and ultimately the final will be selling tickets that way more expensive so make sure you have saved up enough for it.

Getting Seats

The three courts that will be hosting the matches are household names among Tennis fans. But not all are equally familiar regarding the seating plan. For instance, if the game you are attending happens to be at the Margaret court, you ought to consult the Margaret court arena seating map and secure a prime spot for yourself.

It is very important in this regard to consider the time of day that you will spend there. In the daytime, the sun can be quite brutal and so you should go a spot where you will be shaded from it. In the night time, there is no sunburn to be concerned about, but it is just as well bringing some extra layers of clothing in case the night gets a bit chilly.

What about the Weather?

Melbourne can hit you with all four seasons within the space of 24 hours. Believe us, we know. So this is the basic wardrobe that will entertain such erratic behaviour from Mother Nature:

  • A shirt that will keep your shoulders from browning up in the sun
  • A wide-brimmed hat to glaring sun out of your nose, eyes, and forehead
  • Some sunscreen to keep your frequently exposes areas protected
  • A sweater or two for when the temperature drops to something like 12 degrees.

Keep It Local

Particularly if you are keen to attend a match in the evening, you had might as well book some accommodation in the surrounding area or rent out a car which will cost you extra for parking. Public transport in Melbourne is an absolute joy.  The trams, in particular, keep on running till the early hours of the morning so unless you get seriously wasted, you are likely to up in your guest room every single time.


Alright mate, no worries! We have now given you some fundamental factors to consider in your plan to attend the upcoming Australian Open. And while you are at it, try and incorporate “Crikey” into your vocabulary so you can scream it out every time your favourite player scores a point and let everyone else know you are the foreigner trying too hard to blend in.

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