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The Beginner’s Guide To Opening A Bar

Running a bar is a dream job for many people. You get to work alongside your local party scene, meet plenty of interesting new people, and hopefully earn decent money without bowing down to a boss every day. If you’ve always envisioned yourself heading up a bar or nightclub, this year could be the time you make your dream a reality. Building up a new business from scratch is certainly a challenge, but with the right attitude and a carefully crafted plan of action, you could definitely make it happen.

Work out your start up costs.

Before you even begin to make a business plan or put your strategy into action, you’ll need to know what kind of capital you need to get things off the ground. Factor every detail into your budget, from the obvious ones like the cost of the venue and staff wages, to the important details like the kitchen equipment and the rgb led controller you’ll need to keep the lighting and atmosphere on point. Once you’ve got a list of all of your costs and sourced out the best quotes, you’ll know exactly how much you need to make your dream bar comes to life.

Understand the liability issues.

As a liquor-licensed bar owner, you have a particular set of responsibilities that other business owners may not encounter. You’ll have to make sure that every health and safety issue is strictly overseen at all times, and that your bar is consistently keeping to the legal requirements involved in your licensing.  This will mean ensuring that your opening and closing times are chosen with the licensing rules in mind, and that both you and your staff members are vigilant about not serving alcohol to minors or those who are visibly heavily intoxicated.

Be mindful of music.

The music you play in your bar will absolutely essential when it comes to creating a lively atmosphere that attracts plenty of customers. This may mean some experimentation – certain styles of music that you love might not work quite as well when it comes to drawing in a crowd. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different track lists and DJs until you find a music strategy that works well for your business.

Get plenty of advice.

There are plenty of experienced business owners out there who were in your exact position at some point. They can be valuable resources when it comes to getting advice, picking up useful tips, and being warned away from certain common mistakes. Join local business groups or seek out other bar owners online to connect with others you might be able to mentor you along your journey.

Encourage a buzzing atmosphere.

No one wants to go to a bar that feels dull and lifeless. The atmosphere will start with the staff you employ – they’ll need to be friendly, ready to chat with whoever walks in the door, and flexible enough to work with you while the new business gets started. Keep in mind that the staff you choose may be working alongside you for long stretches of time, so opt for employees who you know you can get along well with, and who your customers will enjoy getting to know.

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