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Tips for Touring a Model Home in Australia

Model homes or show houses are pre-built properties that potential buyers can tour to get an idea of how a newly built property would look like. Homebuilders and realtors often put show houses on display so buyers can know a lot of what they are getting. It’s highly recommended to tour a show house before actually buying a plot-and-house package. The pictures on marketing material may look nice, but they don’t show exactly how spacious the kitchen cabinets are. Here are several tips for touring show houses so you know exactly what to look for:

The Yard and the Outdoors

Most show house promotional material feature what the home looks like inside. But what about the outside? When touring, don’t forget to take a walk around the house to see exactly what is outside. Check the outdoor area and also look at the exterior of the house. For example, is the exterior paint weatherproof? Does it look new or is it chipping here and there? Do look at structures like the roof and see whether the shingles appear like they require change in a couple of years. Most people show up, for example, display homes Melbourne, and look at the living room and the bedrooms and go. But do check the exterior to ensure that you don’t regret your purchase.

Does the Layout Suit Your Lifestyle?

This is an important question to ask! The layout of the house should suit the type of lifestyle you want to have. For example, if the children’s room and the master bedroom are located on separate floors, that won’t be ideal for new parents. On the other hand, if you have teenagers, you might want to give them some room. Are there rooms or dedicated spaces for an office or a study? These are equally important aspects to consider depending on your lifestyle needs.

Pay Attention to the Floor Plan

Even if the living room and the kitchen are beautifully designed, do take into consideration the overall floor plan of the house. For example, is it open and spacious? Can family members move about in the kitchen and dining areas without getting crammed? Is there enough space between rooms and hard-to-move objects? Get an overall feel of how the house is laid out while you pay attention to the individual details.

Is the House Well Lit?

How much natural light flows into the house? A good house will always have plenty of natural lights flowing in when the curtains are drawn open. Just don’t buy a dingy house; you will certainly regret the purchase.

Watch Out for Staining

Don’t only look at how the show house is designed. Give it an overall inspection as well. For example, check the pipes to see if they are leaking. Look out for mould or mildew. Are the bathrooms floors damp? The workmanship of the show house speaks volumes as to how the house you order will be built. If you plan on buying the show house, then you would definitely need to give it an inquisitive inspection first.

Also, do peek in the closets and cupboards to see how spacious they are. If you plan on buying the display property, check out the neighbours and the neighbourhood as well. Pay attention to detail and don’t forget to pay particular attention to the factors mentioned above.

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