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What to Consider When Buying Funeral Products?

For most of the people buying these products can be a difficult and an emotional task. There might also be instances where you need to buy them for a limited period of time. Here are some ideas to stick to when purchasing each product.

Casket/ Coffin

A discussion with the funeral director can help you to determine how to pay the final respects for your loved one. If you are planning to have a burial, a casket is required for funeral services. The funeral home will offer you a selection of caskets to choose from. Based on your budget you can decide whether you need to buy a metal or a wooden casket. Depending on your preference you can also get customized caskets.

Burial Vaults

Burial vaults are used to place the casket if you choose to bury the deceased. Purchasing a burial vault is not always necessary but rules and regulations of many cemeteries require this to be done in order to prevent the ground from sinking above the casket. Also placing the casket within a burial vault can safeguard the remains of the deceased as well. You can purchase a vault from the cemetery you have chosen or buy it from an outside place. However, there might be instances where the cemetery will charge a fee for vaults purchased from outside.

Cremation Urns

If you prefer cremation to burial, you might need to consider buying an urn. Especially if you are planning to have a memorial service for your loved one, or to place the remains in a niche, a cremation urn is a necessity. You need to consider the size as well as the quality of the urn before buying. The type of the urn you purchase will also depend on your decision about the final placement of ashes. Urns too come in many materials; wood, stone or metal. Many sellers offer biodegradable urns for those who wish to scatter the ashes in the sea.

Cremation Vaults

If you have planned to place the ashes of the deceased in a cemetery, purchasing a cremation vault is something you need to consider. If you feel like the urn you have chosen cannot withstand burial of its own it is better to purchase a vault as this can safeguard the urn thereby protecting the remains of your loved one. Like caskets and urns, cremation vaults too come in many materials including marble, wood, concrete, and polymer. A vault can protect the urn from water penetration and even rodents.

Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery is a good method to preserve the memories of the deceased. These items, even customized ones, are available in gold, silver, titanium, brass or platinum. You can make these jewelleries more personalized by engraving on them the name of the deceased, a photo of the deceased or a quote to remember them by. This is a good way to share the ashes of your loved one among the family members. Memorial jewellery can be used to hold a piece of the remains such as a lock of hair or even soil from the burial site and petals from flowers used in the ceremony.

Sometimes the style or the design of the items you choose can be symbolic and can represent the feelings of the family and the friends towards the deceased. Therefore, it is very important that you consider both the quality as well as the visual appeal of them carefully before you purchase them.

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