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What to Look For In a Professional House Cleaning Service?

Nowadays, help with house cleaning is not so much of a luxury, but more of a necessity. As we have becoming increasingly busy with our lives, there is less time to be spent on such chores, which in turn can lead to neglect and our homes falling apart. Caring for and maintaining your house is a basic thing, but it can be tough today. Which is why, professional cleaning services have sprung up everywhere offering busy career-people an option that would help them no end. However, it is important that you look at their traits first, so you know they are genuine and can do a great job.

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Before you get excited at the prospect of forever leaving the cleaning to someone else so long as you pay, you should check up on all the different rates that are applicable. For instance, do they charge by the hour? By the project? Set number of hours? What happens if they exceed these hours? Also find out whether you can pay half before the project and half when it is done. You do not want to go paying anything in full upfront. Never trust such places either.

Background Checks

No matter how reputed the cleaning company itself may be, they are hiring people to work as their employees, and you know nothing about these employees whatsoever. You are allowing them free access into your home, and for cleaning no less. It is understandable that people may feel a sense of trepidation about their accountability and reliability, which is why you should ask them whether they conduct any background checks on their employees. True enough you are just looking for a professional carpet cleaning, but you want to be sure that whoever takes it on is dependable and trustworthy.


They may be very careful and known for it too, but these people are also humans, and human error can occur. So the next thing to check on is their insurance. What sort of policy have they taken out? Ideally, it should cover the extent of the damage, whether the item/items are broken or missing. Anything can happen when cleaning up, so if you want your grandmother’s vase protected, let them know beforehand so they can be gentle with it, and to be on the safe side, check their insurance. Insurance will give you peace of mind as well, so it is definitely important here.

Equipment and Cleaning Supplies

Some cleaning companies are fully-equipped and others not so much, so you will have to check up on the equipment and cleaning supplies they have. Sometimes, you might have to provide them with the cleaning supplies, which can be beneficial if you have something specific in mind you want them to use. However, be sure in such cases that you do not pay excess for the service itself, since you are also paying for the supplies. Play it by ear and see how you go. You can even opt for environmentally-friendly products, which also means you get to do something good for the environment.

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